Founded by security veterans Christian Almenar and Jacolon Walker, Monad builds infrastructure to unite security data silos in your organization; to normalize, transform, and enrich their data; and enable teams to build effective security and compliance workflows on the fly.

We value a sense of adventure: we left stable jobs to start this company in the middle of a pandemic, because we knew there was a need to solve real security problems. We value openness to change: for things to get better, we have to look carefully at what's holding us back. We thrive through failure: only by trying things quickly can you truly tell if they're useful or not.

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As a remote company, Monad thrives on collaboration, teamwork, and a transparent environment of proactive communication and responsiveness. We are a company made up of humans, and value and respect both our professional and personal spaces. Family, health, and general well-being are key values.

We make security data accessible to regular humans. Join our team and help build the future of this transformative data platform!

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Our investors

Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital

“Cybersecurity is fundamentally a data management challenge that Monad is poised to solve. Their cloud-native security data platform makes it easy to extract the data from the different security tools already adopted by organizations, integrate it into a clean, connected model and unlock its hidden value. We believe that Christian, Jacolon and the Monad team are ready to lead this journey, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re leading their A-round investment and the launch of their platform.”
Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas
Index Ventures
“Most Fortune 500 companies have hundreds of security vendors, which makes centralizing and operationalizing data from these applications a daunting challenge. Monad solves this problem at scale by connecting data from various security tools and providing precise insights to security teams. Christian and Jacolon have made significant traction since the seed and we’re thrilled to double down as they take on a massive market opportunity.”
Shaun Maguire