The problem: Security data remains siloed

Security is a data problem. Security Data is siloed in many tools and not accessible. SIEMs are complex and hard to use... also not cloud-enabled. Monad’s mission is to make the security data available and easily accessible to security and cloud engineering teams.

Our solution:
Open platform with connectors and APIs

We make your security data available in an open cloud platform that gives you access to your data at scale, in the data warehouse of your choice. We provide data-centric connectors and APIs that work across your security solutions, and give you the flexibility to use different solutions without any hassle.

Monad Object Model (MoM)

We created a new platform-independent Star Schema for security data known as the Monad Object Model (MoM), which is loaded automatically into any data warehouse of choice. The MoM schema allows security and devops teams to interact directly with the data using SQL, third party BI tools, and Monad’s visualization capabilities to help them build effective security and compliance applications on the fly.

The MoM (Monad Object Model)
offers a standardized schema for security data:

  • Consistent and normalized schema across a variety of sources
  • Built using dimensional modeling (Star Schema)
  • Fact tables with dimensional tables for attributes
  • Unique workflow and ETL manager
  • Ingests, collects, eliminates noise, and transforms the data into a unified schema

Integrations and Connectors

Connect your security data to any data warehouse.

  • Connect your tools, and we take care of the rest.
  • Your data, your way: Data is portable and exportable to the warehouse of your choice.
  • Go from insights to action with our Jira, ServiceNow, and other ticketing and workflow integrations.
  • Wrote your own? Our open API means you can integrate your in-house and custom tools with zero hassle.

Build security insights and workflows

With the data normalized and enriched by Monad’s platform, we can deliver new insights and unlock your ability to build custom applications and security workflows such as:

  • Security and compliance best practices: SLAs, audits, incident postmortems, etc.
  • Source of truth and data coverage for all assets across IT, product, cloud and AppSec.
  • Dashboard and reports: team performance view, ROI and risk, aggregate vulnerability details and more.

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